Ten Best Lifts for Mass Part 2

Dennis Wolf Lists the Final Five

Last week we posted the first part of this two-part feature, wherein Dennis Wolf listed the first five of his top ten favorite lifts for mass. This week Dennis lists the remaining five lifts.

6) Barbell Military Press – (WATCH DENNIS TRAIN SHOULDERS)

“People ask me what exercise I think has helped me build my shoulders the most, and this is the one,” Dennis says. “It felt right to me from the start, and my shoulders have always responded to it very well. I know some bodybuilders like dumbbells or machines, but this is my favorite shoulder press.”

Wolf started doing the military press within a month or two of when he started weight training, though he had been using a machine version from the start. “But then I noticed the big guys were always doing the barbell presses,” he remarks.

For a time in more recent years, Dennis switched over to the Smith machine, until eventually making a connection between worsening shoulder pain and that device, thanks to a phenomenon to be cautious of called “pattern overload.” That means that since you always move exactly in the same movement pattern on a Smith, you are at risk of overuse-type injuries if you use it exclusively over the free-weight version of any exercise.

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The Road to 3-D Delts

It’s often said in bodybuilding that “shoulders make the man.” You simply can’t have a great physique without owning a pair of wide, round, melon delts. Every Mr. Olympia champion has had great delts, because without them you can’t have a V-taper or an X-frame.

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Thickening the Lats

In the past few years maybe no other pro has been criticized more for a particular bodypart than Dennis Wolf. The bodypart being back, but in the past couple of years he has worked manfully to improve it. Before telling how he did it here’s some background to the story. (Originally published in the March 2014 edition of MD Magazine.)

It’s worth taking a little trip back in time to see where Wolf started out in the lat department. When Dennis started competing in 1999, his overall shape and lines were already very good, with the same X-frame structure we see today. That’s typically what you see with all these guys who eventually rise to the top— they start out essentially as smaller versions of what you ultimately see on the Arnold and Olympia stages.

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Complete Guide to Chest Training

For years, Dennis Wolf used mainly barbells and Smith machines for his pressing movements for chest, because the collective consensus was that these are the most productive for building mass. “The problem with that in my case was

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Dennis Wolf’s 5 Commandments for a Sick Leg Day

Too many people don’t think there is a difference between weightlifting and bodybuilding. The biggest mistake I see in the gym is with form. Guys go too heavy and cheat, or don’t use a good range of motion. They just want to impress the other guys and girls at the gym or to be able to … read more