10 Best Lifts for Mass Part 1

In this feature Dennis Wolf names five of his favorite lifts. The second five lists will be posted next Tuesday, August 25.

They Don’t Call Him ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ for Nothing!

At six foot and 270 pounds on contest day, Dennis Wolf is one of the most massive men to stand under the bright lights on a bodybuilding stage. As such, he knows a thing or two about building thick, massive muscle. And he’s just the guy to demonstrate 10 great exercises you can use to get huge too! Dennis also shares his opinions and experiences to offer perspective on the impact these key movements have had in crafting his physique. Whether or not you will ever get as big as The Big Bad Wolf remains to be seen, but rest assured that hard work on these movements will take you ever closer to your maximum potential size.

1) Barbell Bench Press

We lead off with a lift that has achieved iconic status over the past 70-odd years not only among bodybuilders, but to anyone who has ever trained with weights— be they kids in their basement, football players in the team’s weight room, or guys hoping to get bigger and stronger in gyms all over the world. It’s been the measuring stick for strength to untold legions who seek to hoist more weight in the bench press than their peers, and need to ask, “How much ya bench?” just to make sure it’s not more than they can.

But far more importantly for our purposes, the barbell bench press is a superior compound movement for building bigger pecs. “This is the big daddy of chest exercises,” Dennis says. “It allows you to use the greatest loads and work the most amount of muscle. Do the reps slowly and squeeze the chest, or else you will get stronger but your chest probably won’t grow much.”

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