6 Best Leg Exercises

Dennis Wolf has a physique that stands out as unique from the rest of the top stars in the IFBB, and he’s also got his own workout style. He’s tried pretty much all the exercises out there, and kept the ones he feels are most productive— whether they are “supposed” to be the best or not. Here’s his guide to his six most favored leg movements.

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Bodybuilding Sticking Points

What do you do to increase your appetite when it gets hard to eat? I’m still in my off-season. I heard that cardio would help, so I’ve been doing cardio three to four times a week— but it’s still mad tough to eat. And just out of curiosity, how many meals a day do you eat?

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Building Massive Legs

Branch Warren and Dennis Wolf are indisputably two of the best bodybuilders of this generation. Between them, they have 14 pro wins including three Arnold Classic titles, and an even 10 top-five finishes at the Mr. Olympia.

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The Route to Massive Biceps

While it may be true that bodybuilding is a physique contest and all the muscle groups are supposed to be developed in balance, there are certain body parts that you can and can’t get away with lacking.

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Amix Nutrition Re-Signs

Large Life Limited, owner and producer of Amix™ Nutrition, a globally distributed sports nutrition company, is proud to announce that we have formally re-signed IFBB pro bodybuilder Dennis Wolf to a multi-year sponsorship deal.

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Dennis Wolf’s Pre-Show Interview

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Dennis Wolf talks with MD’s Bob Cicherillo about his Olympia experience, being compared with shorter bodybuilders, how he gets better with each show after the Olympia and more.

Dennis Wolf’s Athletes Meeting Interview

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Dennis Wolf talks with MD’s Peter McGough at the 2015 Mr. Olympia athletes meeting. In this video, he talks about his year long off-season, holding conditioning & fullness from prejuding to finals and more.